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Habbo Credits

What are credits?
Credits are Habbo's currency. They are used to buy furni, play games and decorate your room.

How do I earn credits?
You can earn credits simply by being active in a room which will earn you 25 credits automatically every 15 minutes (100 credits in an hour). You are not allowed to farm, if you're caught farming you may be banned.

How do I get more credits?
You can earn more coins by participating in staff competitions, events or trading with your friends.

How do I know how many credits I have?
Credits are stored in your Habbo-purse.


Can I buy more credits?
We do not sell Habbo credits.
You can earn them by being active.

Habbos in the hotel:
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The Ghostly Fog Machine
"From the unknown depths of space"

Offsale: 1st November
Price: 300 Coins

Check-In Problems?

Shockwave was discontinued due to its age, the only way online:

How To Get Started:


Habbo.BZ Loader

- Load HabboBZ.exe
- Create your Habbo Character, name & password

If you still need help look at our full help page on how to get online to play Habbo: Help Getting Online


Habbo FM

Tune into our live radio and engage with our DJ!

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Active Rooms

All public rooms and guest rooms are currently empty.

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