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How To Get Online

You've just seen this nostalgic website that's bringing back hefty Habbo memories but you don't know how to play? Well.. we have 2 options for you.

⭐ OPTION 1 ⭐ Habbo.BZ Desktop Application

At Habbo.BZ we have a Windows Desktop Application made for people that don't need to deal with going through complicated steps to get on the hotel.
Our application has pre-installed Shockwave and with this option you do not need to download Shockwave or a Browser.

So let's get into these simple steps:
You can either choose to download our installer or the .zip version.


Download our Installer here: HabboBZ_Installer.exe (16,950 KB)

OR download the .zip version instead:
- Download Desktop Application

- Extract this .zip folder to your desktop. (Simply select HabboBZ_exe folder and drag it to your desktop)

- Open HabboBZ.exe and enjoy!
⭐ OPTION 2 ⭐

You MUST have:

  • A Windows machine (Mac or Mobile is not supported)
  • Pale Moon 32-bit browser
  • Shockwave 11.0

Download Links:

Thanks to Puomi for these archived links! :)

After downloading everything, you have been successful! Now you can join the hotel here: Hotel (make sure you're on the Pale Moon browser).

If you are still having trouble getting online, please join our Discord group for further help. Discord Link

Habbos in the hotel:
Check in! It's free!


Wheel of Chair [GAME] - (5/25)

Wolf's Lair - (2/25)

HMK Crew School Rock - (1/25)



Please take a moment to vote for us, this will help us to increase our user base and continue growing. Thank you for your support!


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Check-In Problems?

Shockwave was discontinued due to its age, the only way online:

How To Get Started:


Habbo.BZ Loader

- Load HabboBZ.exe
- Create your Habbo Character, name & password

If you still need help look at our full help page on how to get online to play Habbo: Help Getting Online



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