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Now you can have your very own pet on Habbo, Habbo Pets cost 20 credits each and are available from the Pets section in the Catalogue. Want to learn more about Habbo cats, and dogs, well read on.

tinyicon ball How To Buy A Pet

Buying a pet is easy, just open the Catalogue to the pets page and choose how you want your pet to look, name it and click to buy.

There are different selections of pet breeds available every time you visit the Catalogue, just reload the Catalogue for new variations, or, if you view the second page in the Pets section (info/tips), when you go back to choose a pet - you'll return to a new selection.

The second pets page gives you some tips all pet owners need to know. After you've bought your pet it will appear in your hand in a basket. It'll become active once you put the basket in your room.

Please Note: You can only name your pet once, and you‘re only allowed to put a pet down in one of your OWN rooms. You can own several pets but only two are allowed in the same room at the same time. Pets can't be traded.

tinyicon ball Pet‘s Life

Your pet's life starts the day it is bought, one day of real time is one year of your pet's life and you pet will become less active/more sleepy as it gets older.

Pets also develop over time so for example, a puppy is more lively and playful than a middle-aged dog.

When you pick your pet up, or when there is no one in the room it will be passive but the moment you enter the room it will rush to greet you much like a real pet.

tinyicon ball Pet's Identity

Each pet has its own identity, your pet‘s identity consists of its looks, breed and how its feeling. Click once on your pet and you‘ll be able to see what it looks like, its name and breed. Double-click on the pet, you‘ll get the well-being box that shows:

Age: One day of real time is equal to one pet year
Hunger: If the pet is hungry or not
Thirst: If the pet is thirsty or not
Happiness: How the pet is feeling
Nature: Unique for each pet, effected by it's behaviour.

You can see how your pet is feeling by examining its behaviour, body language and facial expressions. Also, if you double-click on the pet, its current state of well-being will appear in a box.

tinyicon ball How To Take Care Of Your Pet

You'll need to take care of your pet to keep it happy and healthy. The Pet Accessories section of the Catalogue offers different kinds of accessories that will help satisfy all your pets needs.

It becomes hungry several times a day. Food can be bought as single portions (one food item) or in an economy package of six portions (six food items). The food will take your pet a while to eat.
A healthy pet will need to eat just one portion (one food item) per day. Put the food item in the room near your pet to feed it. Goodies such as the Chocolate Mouse or Marzipan Man are not normal food but are a treat to make your furry friend happy.

It will also become thirsty. Get a water bowl and you‘ll have an unlimited supply of water for your pet. Double-click on the bowl to re-fill it at any time.

Keep your pet playful and lively by buying toys for it such as the rubber ball. Make sure you put the ball close to your animal so they can get to it.

Don‘t forget – Check to see how your pet is doing at any time by double-clicking the pet and viewing it's well-being box.

tinyicon ball Examining Your Pet's Behaviour

You can monitor the facial expressions of your pet, the way it acts and it's woofs/meows etc via speech bubbles. These are the ways your pet expresses its needs and moods – for example when you enter the room, your pet will come to greet you waggling its tail happily.

When your pet is hungry or thirsty, it searches for food or a water bowl. If it finds some, it will eat or drink it until it's full. If there isn't any food in the room, it will come to your Habbo, begging and trying to catch your attention.

Your pet will need a nap every now and then. It gets more tired when it's active and running around. When it gets sleepy, it'll find its way to the basket, lie down and fall asleep. If the basket is unreachable, your pet will find another place and have a kip. Younger pets take a nap about every half an hour but an older one may need to sleep more often.

Apart from interacting using pet-related accessories (food, ball etc), you can use simple voice commands to tell the pet what to do. When you use these commands with your pet, you need to shout them and include the pet's name in the sentence.

For example, 'Rover sit '. Your pet may do what it's told, but if it doesn't don't be put of there obedience depends on there state of mind, mood and energy levels. Younger pets may also take a little while to learn and follow commands.

Commands anyone can use are:

sit: Makes the pet sit down
lie down: Gets the pet to lie down
jump: Makes the pet jump up
speak: Gets the pet to bark/meow etc
good: Boosts pet's ego and makes them happy

wuff, wuff These commands can only be used by the pet owner:

heel: Gets your pet to follow you
come here: Makes your pet come to you
beg: The pet will beg for a reward from you
go away: Your pet will move away from you
bad: Tells your pet off
sleep: Makes your pet go back to it's basket for a nap
play dead: Your pet will roll onto it's back and 'play dead' for a few mins

Each pet also recognizes and reacts to its name when said.

If you have any more questions about pets you should check out the FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

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