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hc inl1What Is Wobble Squabble?

Wobble Squabble is a two player game, where you have to slap and nudge your opponent till they fall off the inflatables and land in the pool.

hc inl1Where Is Wobble Squabble Located?

The Wobble Squabble Inflatables can be found in either the Rooftop Rumble or Rooftop Rumble Two, both these room are Public rooms.

hc inl1How Do I Play?

Buying Tickets
To play Wobble Squabble, you need a ticket. The tickets are the same ones that can also be used to dive in the Lidos. You can obtain tickets by clicking on the inflatables, or by clicking on the ticket machine beside the pool (see picture to the right). Tickets cost 2 Credits for 5, if you don't have any credits you can find out how to buy some HERE

The Queue System
When you have a ticket, you can get into the pool, swim over and climb on the inflatables to queue for your turn. The game starts when two players are ready, one at each end.

Moving, Slapping & Nudging
When the game starts, you see a window (see the picture below). On the right is a balance meter. When the hand points straight up (like in the picture), you're perfectly balanced. When it points to the right, you need to balance to the left, and vice versa. If the hand drops too far to either side (so it's horizontal), you'll fall into the water and lose.

The aim of the game is to balance on the inflatables and make your opponent fall into the water by pushing them. You can move towards or away from them - you win by staying on the inflatables while your opponent falls into the water. The loser will be replaced by the next player in the line and the winner carries on playing until he/she falls in the water.

You can play with the same ticket until you're knocked off by your opponent.

hc inl1Tips & Information

1. If you are wobbling all over the place, you can get your balance back once during the game using the 'stabilise' button (space bar).

2. Moving away from your opponent during a game will allow you time to balance.

3. If you're both really good, the game will end when the time runs out (after 90 seconds). If neither player has fallen off by then, the one who has been pushed the most will fall off and lose.

4. After you have played a few games you can check your position on the High Scores Page

hc inl1 The Monthly Wobble Squabble Competition

Each month the player that comes top of the High Scores table will get their name published in the Newsie and win themselves a small Gold Trophy. So what are you waiting for? Get moving, slapping & nudging your way to an excellent prize!

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