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Desktop Application! 24/08/2021
Kritz, Owner

Exciting news Habbos!
Thanks to MOD-Joe we now have a Desktop Application for Habbo.BZ - now you can play with no problems! At Habbo.BZ we have a Windows Desktop Application made for people that don't need to deal with going through complicated steps to get on the hotel. Our application has pre-installed Shockwave and with this option you do NOT need to download Shockwave or a Browser. Click here for more details.

Habbos in the hotel:
Check in! It's free!


Lucky Tiles Game Gambling - (5/25)

Battleball Lobby - (2/25)

Sala - Room Locov - (1/25)



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#48 DJ Decks
"Play some good tunes!"

Offsale: 25th January
Price: 185 Coins

Check-In Problems?

Shockwave was discontinued due to its age, the only way online:

How To Get Started:


Habbo.BZ Loader

- Load HabboBZ.exe
- Create your Habbo Character, name & password

If you still need help look at our full help page on how to get online to play Habbo: Help Getting Online



Hey Habbos, School of Rock Room COMPETITION OUT NOW! Check on 'Habbo Today' for more info - you could WIN amazing prizes! Also the rare of the week has just dropped... the DJ Decks! Go check it out now in the Rares shop and is selling just for 185 credits! Hurry! Time is ticking! P.S. Make sure you guys are Voting for us everyday ;) - Kritz
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